"Saving Tax On Your Investment Property"

by Noel Whittaker and Julia Hartman It would be fair to say that most property investors do not fully understand the tax implications of owning an investment property, but "Saving Tax On Your Property Investment" will guide you through the maze and along the way you will learn some neat tricks to save even more money!!



Julia Hartman

Julia is one of Australia’s leading authorities on tax, but in this book Julia and Noel Whittaker show their expertise in property investment tax with endless tips for property investors to use to save themselves a bundle of tax. Apart from just saving money, why else would you want to save tax? To grow your property investment portfolio, of course! Julia is a regular contributor to Australian Property Investment Magazine and popular speaker. As a CPA, Registered Tax Agent with a Bachelor of Business, Julia admits to her unrivalled passion for tax law.

Noel Whittaker

For over 25 years Noel has been a director of Whittaker Macnaught which has grown into one of the country’s leading financial advisory companies with over two billion dollars under management. Noel himself has an impressive record with his first book "Making Money Made Simple" being an absolute smash hit throughout Australia AND was listed in the Top 100 of the Most Influential Books of the Twentieth Century! But that was only the start, Noel has written 16 bestselling books that have sold in excess of two million copies around the world! Read any major newspaper and listen to any radio around Australia and at some stage you will read or hear Noel’s comments. He was named Australian Investment Planner of the Year in 1988 and in 2002 he was awarded the Centenary Medal for his contribution to the finance industry.

Contents of "Saving Tax On Your Investment Property"

Gearing What Makes Interest Tax Deductible? Capitalising Interest – Part 1 and Part 2 Financing Your Rental Property Capital Gains Tax What Name Should Be On The Title Deed Investing Through Other Entities Depreciation Crunching The Numbers Before You Buy Renting Out Your Own Home Protecting Your Assets Case Studies Wraps, Flips and lease Options What To Expect In An ATO Audit And so much more as well……………

For an investment in your education of only $29.95 + $5 postage, don’t be left behind when the tax man comes calling! Invest NOW in your property investment portfolio. After purchasing you will receive this ebook within 10 days via Australia Post.