Property Coaching & Mentor Program

At Educating Property Investors, we love to guide our clients on the best approaches to property investments. When you choose property to invest in over shares and bonds, there is a huge amount of dollars involved. Obviously, you need to build a portfolio that lets you maximise your returns.

Our services are directed to helping our clients for successful property investing. We offer you all the guidance and support that you need in formulating and implementing the best investment strategy to reap the gains that you desire – Positive Rental Income Flows and Capital Appreciation.

Educating Property Investors gives you access to all tools, resources and support that you need to fast track the achievement of your investment objectives. We have devised the Property Coaching Mentor Program for those who prefer a one-on-one coaching and mentoring AND exclusive priority access to the most lucrative property deals in Australia.

With our Property Coaching Mentor Program, you get:

  • Champions Property Investor Blueprint personalised for you.
  • Monthly structured phone calls to keep you on track towards your investment goals.
  • Access to tools, resources and market updates on property investment.
  • Professional review of the properties that you are considering for investment and the relevant strategies for negotiation before you actually finalise the deal.
  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support enabling you to have constant support through your investment

To register now for the Property Coaching Mentor Program, call us on: 1800-600-890

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