Customer Success

Kym, SA

Very happy with the service, being from South Australia and working abroad, it would have been very difficult if at all possible to purchase a property in Brisbane. Our Personal Property Coach was very helpful and supportive during this process. Thanks, Kym

Sharron Locke and Darren Hull,

My husband and I were in a position to invest but were unsure of the property market and how to get where we wanted. We contacted several companies that advertised a mentoring and buyers agent service and decided to choose Paul and his team as we felt they offered the most personal and genuine service. We have not regretted our decision or looked back. They have given us the confidence and guidance to be able to reach our goals. They have baby stepped us through the processes of buying and adding equity to properties. Without their help we would not be in the position we are today and going to be in the future. We feel their services have been invaluable to us.

N and S Whincup

I wish to write this letter to compliment my Personal Property Coach on his excellent service, not just at the start of the process, but throughout the whole process. His manner and friendliness has been professional and yet warm and caring. He has been very informative in all details relating to our investment. His expertise has made sure that we landed the correct property for our needs. His before and after sales service has been above and beyond the call (and would be very hard to find in this day and age). Steve and I are so lucky to have found such an honest service to assist us in our financial freedom.

Susan and James M, QLD

My husband and I were looking to purchase property but did not know where to start – only the cash flow positive properties were of interest at that time. We found the property coaching and mentoring services offered by Paul and have since purchased 5 houses with their guidance. We found them very easy to deal with and extremely helpful in all respects. The whole team is excellent at providing guidance as to certain areas within Australia that fit your criteria, undertaking discussions with real estate agents, making sure pest/building inspections are undertaken, and any other paper work involved. I fully recommend the coaching programme to anyone looking to purchase property.

V Cuthbert, QLD

I had always assumed you had to be rich to invest in property. I invested in some books & some CD courses from "investment Gurus" and still felt unsure of my abilities. I also had no idea where I was going to get the time needed to look at sufficient houses to find the bargain property with the right conditions for me. Whilst looking for property, I came across Buyers Agents. After talking to all of them, I decided to choose Property coaching and mentor programme. This has probably been the best decision I have made for years. Paul has great knowledge of the market and property investing in general, and was totally upfront and honest. Not only that, he was more than happy to discuss property investing with me, a novice. There was no hard sell, just upfront and personal help at a level I could understand. I now own 2 properties both positively geared, both rented. I feel totally at ease and comfortable dealing with Paul and his fabulous staff and greatly appreciate his knowledge which helps to keep me on track. I highly recommend the services offered by Paul and his team, not only for their knowledge and honesty but for the incredible customer service they provide.

Margaret AG, NSW

I really appreciated all the time and effort that you and your staff put into helping me find an investment property. You were all patient and did not rush me, providing me with the opportunity to find a property that I am very happy with. Your knowledge of potential growth areas has also been a great help to me. Due to your staff’s wisdom in suggesting how to go about finding a tenant, I now not only have an investment property, but one that is rented to a good tenant. A big thank you to you and all your staff for all your insight and support.

Carrie and Andrew WA

After working in mining for a number of years we didn’t want to end up like those people who have nothing to show for their hard work. Paul and his team opened up possibilities for us that we didn’t know existed. Twelve months on our property has experienced capital growth of 20% and we are looking at purchasing our second property. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about investing in property to have a chat with Paul who has helped us get a clear idea about our investment goals and walked us through every step of the process. We will definitely be using their services again.

 Wei Hao Tan
I have always wanted to get into property investing since my university days. Newly migrated from a foreign country, I am unfamiliar with the purchasing process. I would read hundreds of property investing magazines and books but did not have the confidence to take the plunge. I met Paul and his team in a property investment expo in Brisbane back when I was still a uni student. I touched base with them few months after I started working, the momentum picked up and the purchases happened within weeks. I am based in the rural area; the only means of contact was phone, email & snail mail. But the flexibility of this team in after-hours contact time makes things a lot easier to accommodate my long working days. They found me a property, brought the price down through negotiations; they appointed a solicitor on my behalf; they introduced me a mortgage broker; in short, they helped me assemble the whole property investing team that fits me! The part I enjoy most is whenever you have any question on property, just ring up and they are always happy to take care of your needs. They would challenge your strategy to make sure you don’t put up a plan that is not achievable, that really keeps your foot on the ground and be realistic in expectations. I could not commend them enough for their top notch service. I am already looking forward to my next purchase!

Albert Smith, Japan
Awesome – that’s how I describe the service and advice from Paul and his team. Regardless of your situation you can be assured that you will be treated with dignity and respect. A wise man once said don’t buy anything from anyone who doesn’t have the heart of a teacher and Paul definitely has a big teaching heart making everything that goes into finding the property that’s right for you, getting the best deal and every little step in between easy and hassle free I will be using his property coaching service again definitely!

Jared and Jennis Arden, QLD
My dealing with Paul and his team has been brilliant, the Private Coaching Sessions helped my wife and I start toward our goal of building wealth through property. These sessions made the process so easy that once we got the ball rolling on the 1st property we jumped right in and bought a 2nd one. Paul made it very easy and helped us through the entire transaction. We will be using their services every year to keep us on track to get toward our goal of financial freedom. We can’t recommend the services enough to those whoa are looking to get into property investing and building their own personal wealth.

Ted Cooper, ACT
It was a huge support that Paul offered through his private coaching sessions and the Property Investment Blueprint designed by him actually helped me to understand what was lacking in my strategy while I was trying to add a new buy to rent property to my portfolio. Thanks to Paul’s guidance, I was able to purchase the right one and have already started earning an excellent rental income! I will surely recommend the coaching sessions to all property investors

Barry Thomas, WA
Really happy with the property coaching session and finance solutions offered by Mr. Paul Wilson. After a free financial assessment, he guided us to the right source for property loan and helped us to choose the property that best suits our requirements. The real estate agents I dealt with were apparently interested only in making money at my cost. But Paul and his team considered my investment goals and actually helped me to get the property that was best for me. I am so happy with the decision I made.

Cynthia and Nicholas, QLD
Meeting Paul Wilson was the best decision we made before investing our hard earned money in a property. Nearer our retirement, we wanted to invest in a house that could bring us good rental income but had no idea where to begin and did not know how to deal with pesky real estate agents. The coaching session and personal support that Paul offered was really helpful. He has been with us through the entire process. We purchased an excellent house and are already getting calls from prospective tenants. Big thanks to Paul.