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When leasing out an investment property the tenancy agreement should, at all times, have the names and signatures of the tenants on it. People move.  We know that is a fact, and young people seem to move more than average because of new relationships, relationships that have gone sour or they have decided to chase the sun and move interstate, or one of a host of other reasons. But there is one fact that many landlords do not take intoRead More

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Over the years real estate investing has proven to be a popular vehicle for people to build wealth. During the past couple of years this has not always been so but there is a positive outlook that real estate investing will still be the most popular way to create wealth for retirement in the coming years.  REAL ESTATE INVESTING There are several reasons why real estate investing is so popular: Most investors are familiar with the product It is aRead More

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When buying investment properties investors need to establish early in their planning whether they are going to buy for capital growth or rental income. Why? Capital Growth Here are several scenarios when an investor may go for capital growth: often a property that is bought for capital growth means that it is in a sought after area such as beachside or CBD or another similarly popular area and this may mean that loan will be substantial and the rental willRead More

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People who are serious about building wealth for their future retirement often struggle with knowing what level of income they will need as it could be many years into the future before they will retire. Looking a few years ahead to the future is difficult enough but if it is 20 – 30 years away that is even harder. And not only that, we are living a lot longer now days as well and that needs to be taken intoRead More

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When the question is asked about what properties are going to be in demand in the future I immediately think of the family home, but of course from an investment point of view one needs to think more laterally.  Baby Boomer Requirements Australia, along with other countries,  is facing the Baby Boomer phenomenon and with it comes the demand for smaller housing accommodations.   There will be approximately 150,000 Baby Boomers retiring each year for the next 6 years or soRead More

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When you buy an investment property there are certain steps that should be ongoing over the life of the renting out of the property. When a property becomes vacant, whether at the time of purchase or in between tenancies the property needs to be back in order before the next tenants start inspecting and to do this there are 3 steps to take.   Essentially these three things are:   Repair anything that needs to be repaired, whether it beRead More

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It is true that it is easier to lose money in business than it is to make it and your property investing business is no different. So if you want to lose money in your property investment business just follow these guidelines and it is sure to happen! Choose a property in the worst area – that will attract the worst kinds of tenants and your rent will also be lower than a similar property in a better area. InstallRead More

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During the topsy turvy couple of years that we have had in the financial world even the mining industry took some hits and at the time investors in those areas might have warned against buying in a mining area because if there was no mining there was no staff and consequently no tenants. But although possibly painful at the time, there are areas that are still developing in the mining industry and in Queensland there is a distinct security inRead More

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I have wondering what to talk about today and it occurred to me that even though the GFC has long been gone there are still a lot of property investors left high and dry wondering what move to make next as the real estate market still seems to be very slow.   It is not surprising that Australian investors wonder ‘where to next’.  The banks seem to have taken it on themselves to set their own interest bar now soRead More

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Many investors do it on a ‘professional’ basis, in other words to make money as soon as they buy a property and then sell it on, but other investors will renovate to improve a property after several years in an effort to add value to the property, which also allows the landlord to charge a higher rate of rent. If you have a strong inclination and skill for renovation you may do the job very well and be 100% satisfiedRead More

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No-one promised life as a property investor would be easy!  We all know that, don’t we?  It would be fantastic if everything we touched, real estate included, turned to gold and that there were no problems along the way.  But we have to get real! Sometimes it is takes looking past the problems of today and focusing on the future to keep a property investor motivated.  Property investing, like anything else, can come with problems and there will be timesRead More

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A factor that often leads to confusion is ‘when is a sale is deemed to be a sale’. When buying your home this date is probably not that important but when you are buying an investment property that date can make a huge difference to your tax refund. Sale Date Of A Contract A contact to purchase should not be dated until all parties have agreed to all terms and conditions of the contract and all or any changes madeRead More

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Life often spins us difficult times and renters are no different.  Just because life can treat us harshly, especially in terms of finance, it does not mean that our values have changed.  The last couple of years in Australia have been particularly difficult for many renters who may have faced unemployment or a down turn in income which could have been caused by jobs, illness or accidents. With these thoughts in mind I thought I would tell you about anRead More

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I don’t know if you have ever given much thought to this side of property investing but it is one that that we should not ignore.  Our thought processes impact dramatically on our success in life and how we deal with the good and bad times we experience. Different Money Personalities Have you ever stopped and looked at, or listened to a number of people discussing money and thought about the different attitudes that people have regarding finance? There areRead More

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There are many different strategies in this game and investors choose different strategies for different reasons. They could make their decisions based solely on their finance ability at the time, or if they have more funds available they make a totally different view of how they will make their money work for them. Alternatively their real estate experiences may have them choosing a different course altogether, especially if they are or have been involved in the building trade. Another factorRead More

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You may not have heard the term ‘analysis paralysis’ but with property investing we refer to that term when a person has been educating themselves for years, has the money to buy but just does not go ahead and purchase an investment property. There are several reasons why they don’t go ahead and purchase and one of them could be their psychology, but the other could just be pure and simple – confidence. We will look at the psychology ofRead More

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Purchasing an investment property is a very big step towards becoming financially independent.  Most investors will feel relatively comfortable with owning another residential property, but the letting of a property is another matter altogether. When it comes to the letting of a property all sorts of problems can be arise, but most of them arise through incompetent property management. Finding the right tenants is a large part of having a rental let that goes smoothly.   What many investors doRead More

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In our last blog we talked about how an investor can make a lot of extra money if they can source undervalued properties.  Even to the point that, if it takes a long time to find and buy the right property, the profit is worth the wait. Searching for the right property may be easier said than done unless there are certain strategies set in place that an investor follows. Many experienced property investors have refined their property search strategiesRead More

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I have found that a property investor can often miss a great opportunity simply by the strategy they decide to take or by not shrinking the size of the area in which they prefer to invest.   Know Your Area   You will have heard the expression, “knowledge is power” and when you shrink the size of the area in which you want to purchase you will become an expert in the area and know exactly what is happening withRead More

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Just because a property has been built prior to 1985, it does not mean there is no depreciation possible. It is most likely probable that a property that was built prior to 1985 has had some refurbishment and more than likely some replacement items, such as a stove, a water heater, roof and so on. These items are depreciable if they took place after 1985. A Quantity Surveyor can carry out an inspection and they will value the plant andRead More