About Us

Educating Property Investors is a national company providing personalised services to home buyers and property investors.
We know that unlike shares and bonds, where you can start investing with a minimal amount, property investing requires a larger amount of funds and must be carefully analysed and planned.
Our services are dedicated to educate property investors on the best strategies to minimise your risk while positioning you to achieve the financial outcomes you deserve to achieve from your property portfolio.
Paul Wilson, is a successful investor and personally offers his diverse experience and passion for helping others to succeed through the business which he has founded.
With extensive knowledge and experience in property investment trends, analysis and implementation, Paul has consistently delivered Australia-wide property and finance opportunities matched to his clients’ individual requirements. 
If you are seeking a real hands on approach or wanting guidance and mentoring to ensure that you stay on track you will find a solution which fits your needs by visiting the following sites,  We Find Houses, Educating Property Investors and We Find Finance
Educating Property Investors helps first time investors and also active buyers wishing to add lucrative properties to their existing portfolios.
The We Find Houses team helps you to locate the most rewarding properties while our financial arm We Find Finance guides you to the best loan product matched to your short and long term investing needs.
Call us on our Australia wide toll free number 1800-600-890 for a Free Consultation as your first step towards a profitable real estate portfolio.